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DazeTheme.1 Fully Customisable Website Read description for tutorial

DazeTheme.1 Fully Customisable Website Read description for tutorial

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How to use?

Once purchased, you will see a download file for the Zip file. Download this and go into Shopify and login. You should see a sidebar which shows all the options such as "Home" and "Orders" near the bottom. You will see an option for "Online Store," click on that and when you are in the theme section, you should see an option on the right side of the screen that says "Add Theme" in the "Theme Library" area. Click on that and then click "Add Zip File" and upload the file.

In this theme, you will get lots of customizable options. To name a few, there are:

  • Customizable background (video or image)
  • Ability to change the cursor to an image of your choice (32x32 sizing)
  • Option to use videos for products that play live.
  • Customizable transition between pages
  • Product image swaps to second image or video added when hovered over.
  • And more.

To use your video for the background, you will see once you have the theme that you need to paste a link to change the background video. So, the way to use your video is pretty simple. First, go to your settings in Shopify. This will be in the bottom left once you are logged in. Tap on the settings option in the bottom left then go to files and upload your video. Then you will see a copy option. Copy that link and paste it into the theme where the original background video. link was.

 A easier tutorial is posted on YouTube if you search up “dazeanimations Theme”

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