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3D Gloves Mock-up Fully Customisable Read description❗️

3D Gloves Mock-up Fully Customisable Read description❗️

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How to use?

Creating the Gloves:

Download the UMake app (can be any 3D app or app that accepts obj files) in the app store. Once it's downloaded, go into your file's app on your phone and hold down on the Chain file. Then choose the "share" option and share it to UMake. Now you will see your 3D product.


Putting your design on the Gloves:

You will see in your files that there’s a image showing the parts of the piece so save that image to your camera roll. Download the app "PicsArt" or any other designing app and import the image into it . Once the image is imported, put your design on it, then save the image. Once you're done, go back to Umake where you have your 3D Gloves and click on the bottom left. There should be an option to draw a circle. Draw the circle around your Gloves. Once you've done that, you should see an option to upload a photo. Select your image and drag it onto the Gloves or whatever clothing piece and your done.

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